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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On The First Day Of Christmas....

Well, it isn't really the first day of Christmas, but my first gift came and Mr. Barefoot was kind enough to let me open it early.

Yeah, I got a Swivel Sweeper. A part of me is a little disgusted with myself. With all the ads on TV proclaiming "Every Kiss Begins with Kay" or "He went to Jared", I asked for a Swivel Sweeper. How romantic is that?

I am glad to have it, though. I hate sweeping with brooms, because there is always that line of dirt that doesn't want to go into the dustpan. So I have been sweeping and then following up with one of those bitsy little vacuums for the last 15 years. Unfortunately, my little vacuum is dying. I don't think it was ever intended to live this long in the first place. Now I can pick up all the crud that Little Sprout dumps on my floor, and a clean house makes me happy!

In other Little Sprout news, she is totally in love with the chicken at my Folks' place. There is one left that spends it's time running around the yard and hanging out in the garage.

Little Sprout saw the chicken yesterday, and started following it around the yard. Well, this chicken is evidently smarter than your average chicken, and wanted nothing to do with her and her craziness, so he started heading off into the little patch of woods between my folks' place and our old apartment building.

Little Sprout stopped in the middle of the yard, threw her hands up in the air, and yelled

"Hey Chickie! Where you going?!"

It was so funny. Especially when Dad went to get Little Sprout and she was going on Safari through the trees to find her "Chickie". Short folks can work their way through underbrush that tall folks really have a hard time with.

Little Sprout is also learning her body parts. She spends lots of time pointing to different places on her body and asking us what they are.
The other day, she was sitting on my lap and playing a version of the game where she would grab my nose and say "nose", grab my lips and say "mouth, etc. Then, she pulled the neck of my shirt out, looked down inside my shirt at my cleavage, and yelled "Butt!".
Ummm, no, kid, that is not my butt.


Lisa said...

Hey, does that Sweeper suck up naughty Sprouts?? I had to laugh at this post for a variety of reasons. One is that Studly bought me a new broom yesterday! I don't feel like either of my vacuums does a good job on the fine powdery dust.

The second is that 2 years ago, I ask for a rental dumpster for Christmas and filled it with junk in 3 days!! We were getting ready to move to TN and i wasn't taken no cr*p with me!

This year, I may be asking for another dump truck load of mulch to finish the beds with! Another true romantic at large in the blogosphere!! Wheee!

Oh yeah, and when Studly was a little boy,he told his grandmother that her cleavage looked "just like a little boy's bottom!" Great minds!

barefoot gardener said...


I wish my sweeper would suck up Sprouts! The shop-vac is the only thing strong enough to contain the Sprouts, and it is too difficult to haul from the garage when I need it...

Isn't it funny how we ask for more and more practical gifts as we get older? I am thinking of asking for a load of dirt for my birthday...gotta get my garden beds going at the new house, you know!

I gotta giggle at the thought of Studly telling that to his Grandma... I am so glad my Sprouts aren't the only ones who think odd things like that....

jenny said...

LOL... That was funny!

My husband asked for a swivel sweeper and I gave him one for christmas last year. He likes it, I still use my broom.

This year, I'm on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner. Our old one coughs dust every time I turn it on and screams in agony and hurts even my deaf ears. Why vacuum the floor clean if it's going to put dust all over everything?!