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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Barefoot Is Super Smart

The other day, I entered the basement bathroom to find that the light didn't work. The fixture had been pulled apart, leaving the bare bulb just hanging by wires. Knowing that this was a sure sign of Mr. Barefoot's involvement, I hopped on the 'puter and sent him a request for info about the situation. He informed me that the light hadn't worked when he went in for his shower that morning, that he had tried changing the bulb, and that there must be a wiring issue that he would need to look at when he got home from work.

I was miffed, to say the least. I needed a shower, and that bathroom is DARK. I grabbed on of the lamps from the family room in the basement and brought it into the bathroom with me. Unfortunately, this particular lamp was bulb~less. I decided that, rather than walking all the way upstairs to get a fresh bulb, I would remove the bulb from the light fixture in the bathroom and put it in the lamp.

That done, I turned the switch on the lamp.

Click. Nothing. Click, click. Nothing.

At this point I got really smart. I took the bulb out of the lamp and shook it (yeah, it was not a CFL. We still have a few old school bulbs hanging around that I wanna use up). From inside I heard the telltale jingle of a burned out bulb.

A~HAH! I ran upstairs, got a fresh bulb from our stash and screwed it into the light fixture. Voila! We had light.

So I get genius points for figuring it out without tearing all the wiring out of the ceiling....right?


Lisa said...

Are you saying that Mr. started to tear apart the fixture before trying a new bulb?!? OMG!

(Oh, and yeah you!)

Deb said...

Wow...a burned out bulb! Who woulda thunk it! Certainly not a man. You rock, girl!

barefoot gardener said...

In Mr. Barefoot's defense, he did try to change the bulb. Unfortunately, the bulb he replaced the burned out one with was also burned out. How THAT happened, I have no idea. A burned out bulb must have been gotten in with my stash of spares when we moved.

It was still funny, though!

RuthieJ said...

Way to go Barefoot! Now are you going to have to fix that ceiling fixture too??

Thomas said...

I wouldn't tell Mr Barefoot and let him rip it apart anyway