And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a Wonderful Thing

You know what is totally wonderful? I have my 'puter back! It was the power....power......well, something to do with power, anyway. It went kaput, and now I have a new one and my 'puter works just fine. All my pics are intact, all my music intact, all my EVERYTHING is right here at my stubby little fingertips. Just the way I like it.

To celebrate: pictures (cuz I found my camera cord, too.)

This is Mr. Barefoot's side of the Work Room. It is set up for him to do his parts for work...tedious work, but it pays well.

This.....Ah, THIS is the coat rack doohickey shelf thingy that fell on me.....notice that it is now firmly on the wall

My side of the Work Room, set up for all my crafty goodness. It is a little messy right at the moment because.....well, because I am a slob, really.

This is my reading nook. The books on the shelf are actually 3 books deep on most shelves....I am not sure how many books I have, but it is a lot. Those shelves go up to about.....8ft? I think?To the left you will see my prized lamp. Tiffany style with a dragonfly motif that I got at an auction for $30. Can you all say "boo~yah, SCORE!" ?

One of the front flower beds. This poor thing is in shade almost all day. The daylilies over there on the right had maybe 3 blooms on them this year....not a good sign. The hostas are (of course) quite happy, and there are lily of the valley that need to go. Too invasive here, I am not going to spend the rest of my days trying to corral the suckers.

Well, that is all the pics you are going to get to oogle today. I am too tired to sit and wait for blogger to load them. Besides, if I hold some back, then I will have something to show on days when I just don't have much to talk about.



RuthieJ said...

OOH, Barefoot, I envy your crafting area and also your reading nook (altho my cubbies would probably be stuffed with yarn). Your new house looks good....can't wait to see more pictures!

Kati said...

YEAH!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures!!!! Also totally envious of your "reading nook" area. I WISH I had a place to kick back, in a corner out of the way, to read. (Well, technically I DO have a rocking chair there in our living room, bit it winds up being more of a catch-all for odds and ends and everything that doesn't have a real spot.)

You're pulling out the lily-of-the-valley..... Ooooooh.... Can't you put a couple in pots or something to keep that way. I love the way L-o-t-V smells and cannot imagine actually pulling them ruthlessly from my yard, if I had any. *wry smile* Ok..... I get the whole "invasive species" thing, but they DO smell so good..... Please say you'll try to keep one or two of them in pots at least...... *wink*

(((((HUGS))))) Have a great week!!!!