And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh, My Heart!

Well, today was Big Sprout's first day at her new school. She was so nervous she even allowed me to walk her to the bus stop.

This morning, when I was helping her get ready for school, she asked for some help with her hair. It snarls quite a bit along the nape of the neck, and she just can't seem to work those snarls out by herself. There I was, trying to untie as much of the knots with my fingers before starting with the brush when a whole clump of hair came off in my hand.

BIG SPROUT HAD CUT HER HAIR and just left the cut pieces hanging in the rest of her long hair.

I could have killed, but knowing how stressed she was I just calmly asked what had happened. She wove some story about cutting her Barbie's hair and having her hair just get in the way. Ummm, yeah. Was she cutting Barbie's hair behind her back? Because that is the only way I can think of that would involve the hair on the back of Big Sprout's head.

I made it clear that Big Sprout was not to be cutting her own hair under any circumstances, and continued with the hair~do. As I pulled the hair back from her forehead, I discovered that she had also trimmed the hair on the left side of her face to about 2 inches long. It wasn't even like she had tried to give herself bangs. She just grabbed some hair from around her temple and chopped it off.

Of course, it was an ACCIDENT.

Well, my kid is gonna be the freaky looking kid at her new school. There isn't much I can do about that now. I made her change clothes 2 times, since she kept coming down in items that were stained or not weather appropriate. Since she wouldn't let me come and pick out an outfit, I finally agreed to number 3 because I couldn't find anything really WRONG wiht it. Of course, it isn't one of her best outfits, but if she is comfortable then I will just deal with it.

Some people's kids, I tell you.


Kati said...

ROFL Oh, I'm sorry!!!!! What IS it with these kids?!?!?

I hope the first day of school went well and she didn't get made fun of for her odd hair-cut. AND, I hope it grows out quickly and she doesn't do anything like that again. (Or, worse.)

Have a good week, BG!

Lisa said...

Sorry but... ROFLAO! Those were the days!!

jenny said...

I remember getting a BIG knot in the back of my hair in the 6th grade and no amount of combing would untangle it. Finally my dad got tired of hearing me whine and cry while my mom was doing her best to work on my hair, he grabbed a handful and *snip!* cut my hair off at the top of the knot. I went from below the shoulder hair to chin-length hair.

The next day at school, apparently my mom didn't do a good job trimming my hair, the teacher asked me if she could cut my hair and make it even. She cut my hair in front of the class!! Not good for the "new kid" in school!!

Well, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, eh?

barefoot gardener said...

Kati and Lisa~
I am glad you can find the comedic value in my life....I am still looking ;)

Big Sprout's day went wonderfully, and as of today (the second day of school) she has TWO new best friends. I guess that being the new kid in school automatically makes you the cool kid!

I am in awe that your teacher was that heartless! If she would have kept you in a few minutes at recess, that would have been different, but in front of the whole class?! Ouch. She must have been obsessive/compulsive, too. I mean, her teaching you has nothing to do with if your hair is uneven, for crying out loud.

I remember the first time I had to cut Big Sprout's hair. It was down to her butt (almost), and she got lice at her daycare. There was NO WAY I could get that little nit comb through all that hair, so I tied a ribbon around her neck where I wanted her hair chopped and just went to town. Of course it wasn't REALLY a good job, but at least noone said anything.