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Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Gloating a Little

I LOVE my new kitchen. I didn't think I would. The layout is really odd, and the "sun room" that they added (really just an enclosed entry that they opened to the kitchen) has a floor that is about 1 inch lower than the kitchen floor. It is strange. Still, once I got all our stuff in there and really got going on figuring out where things should be it turned out to be totally awesome! Tonight was the first night that I actually cooked in there (thanks to Sunny and my Mom cooking for us and leaving tons of leftovers), and the way things are set up makes cooking a breeze. Much better than our apt. Mr. Barefoot is one of those guys who likes to have all his stuff out on the counters, and I let him have his way in the apt. I didn't really have a choice, since cupboard space was at a premium in the apt. Now, we have tons of cupboards and not so much counter space, so I was able to convince Mr. Barefoot that we should hide as much of our stuff as possible. YAY!

Also, everyone was so concerned because the house is rather small. Only about 1500 ft sq. I know that by todays standards that is fairly small, but it is working out so well for us! The bedrooms are tiny, but Big Sprout has a "storage room" off of hers that is working very well as a play room for her. That leaves her limited bedroom space free for her bed and clothes. It is looking really good so far. Of course, the playroom is a mostly unfinished space. Big Sprout doesn't mind, though, and it gives me the opportunity to plan how I want to finish it off. So cool.

We pared down our living room furniture, going with only one chair and a love seat. It is more than enough seating for us, and when we entertain we can always haul chairs in from the dining room. I have a little "library" nook in the living room, and there is enough space for Mr. Barefoot's movies. I am so glad to get THEM out of our bedroom!

I love all the little nooks and crannies in this house. They make for interesting little places to put this item or that, and I can't wait to figure it all out. I can't believe how much fun this all is! Just think, I haven't even started on the yard yet! How wonderful!

I am off to price clothesline poles, talk at ya later.....

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Kati said...

Yeah for getting to cook in your own (NEW!) kitchen and finding a spot for all your furnishings!!!! As for living in a "tiny" house.... Yeah... we decided anything BIGGER than 1700 would be too big for us. Our ideal is actually about 1500 sq ft. And as we're living in not quite 1200 sq ft now, (and for the last 9 years) 1500 sounds great!!! Glad to hear that BS is settling right in, and best of luck in your decorating of the "play room" for your girls!

Have a FANTASTIC week!