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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

House Update

Well, we are in.....kinda.

Actually, we have been busting back~side for the last 4 days and are only about half done. Oh, my aching body parts!

So far, the best part of this moving thing has been the wonderful folks who have helped us out. My folks, for starters. They both took Monday off work to help with the moving. They were SO MUCH HELP. I just can't thank them enough. Mom even put on her Mommy Face and made me take a nap both Sunday and Monday, since I was working the awake overnight shifts those days. Not that it helped me much to lay in bed and pretend to sleep. I was too busy wondering how much everyone was getting moved without me and planning all the things I wanted to do with the house.

Then there is Sunny and her family. Sunny is so gifted with children. I can't even tell you how I envy her. She is endlessly patient and always knows how to deal with them. She took Little Sprout both Monday and today even though she has 3 kids of her own and was babysitting for another family of 3 at the same time. She also cooked for us. LOTS. Monday was BBQ ribs and this FABULOUS zucchini~stuffing bake thingy that I really need to get the recipe for. Then today there were homemade cabbage rolls, beans straight from the garden, cukes, pickles, carrots and kohlrabi that we picked minutes before sitting down to eat. I love her, but evidently not as much as Little Sprout. Little Sprout seems to think that she hung the stars and the moon.

I can't forget our new neighbors. They seem really nice, but their boys are AWESOME. Either that, or they have crushes on Big Sprout. When we show up at the house with another load to haul, the boys come over and just start pulling boxes out of the cars and bringing them in the house for us. It is so sweet! Just like little men, they like to show off how strong they are, and carry the heavy boxes for Big Sprout. It is adorable.

Of course, moving has had it's down side, too. I found out today when the 'net guy came that my 'puter somehow managed to die....AGAIN. So here I am, typing away at Mr. Barefoot's laptop.....AGAIN. I am so tired of that old 'puter! Then there are all the aching muscles. I thought that with all the hard work I have been doing, I HAD to lose a little weight. Unfortunately, Sunny's fabulous cooking seems to have negated any good the exercise is doing.

We have not had good weather for moving, either. It has been either sticky hot (the kind of day when you wish for gills as well as lungs) or raining. Not just raining, but storming, like with thunder and everything. There is no A/C in the new house, which I am fine with in principle. I like the idea of managing without it. Lower impact on the environment and all. But man it is miserable to be hauling all your stuff up and down stairs in 80% humidity. Yuck.

The last complaint I have is that I am klutzy. Seriously. I think I have banged every part of my body at some point during this move. I even banged my knee bad enough today that I passed out for a little bit. Whether from the pain or the stress on my body from holding back the imaginative curses I was really wanting to scream, I don't know. I just know that I hit my knee, and then everything went all spinny. I managed to get to the floor on my own power before the lights went out, thank goodness, but my aching body parts have definitely made moving a bit harder.

Little Sprout has adjusted well to her new home, though she likes to climb out of her new bed and sleep behind her door. I suppose that will pass with time.

Big Sprout has just about had it with moving. She is tired, and though she loves the new place I think she is regretting a bit the move. She seems overwhelmed by the unpacking process, and keeps asking if we are done yet. Still, she has been a wonderful help to Mr. Barefoot and I these last few days. She spends her time either keeping Little Sprout busy so that we can work or helping us haul boxes. I am so proud of her.

Well, I am more unpacking to do before we haul in the next load of junk. I will hopefully be able to get caught up with you all by the weekend.

Oh! and don't let me forget to tell you the super~cute Big Sprout/Little Sprout story of our first night here....



Lisa said...

Glad you could come up for air!! I figured you were lost among the boxes and nobody could find you!

Sorry you are so sore. I'm afraid there is no way to move that won't do that to a body. And no, you probably won't lose weight or develop a ripped muscular bod, even though you deserve to with all you efforts.

But, one day, most of the boxes will be gone and it will start to feel like "home" and then it will all be worth it!

Lynne said...

I think packing is easier than unpacking- finding new homes for all the stuff is a challenge. It will come along though and I'm sure you'll love your own home.
I prescribe ibuprofen, a warm bath, and a good stretch of sleep.

jenny said...

Ditto what lynne said about packing and unpacking. Packing was easy-- everything was right there and you just put it in a box. UNpacking was hard, plus you are already pooped from packing it and bringing it in and now ya gotta UNpack?!?

After we moved here, I told the hubby if we ever moved again, we're hiring movers. I'll pack, but I ain't moving it!

I'm sorry you're sore and I hope your knee isn't hurting still. *kiss kiss* all better! :o)

Thanks for your kind words about my mama skills. I'm feeling better with all the positive comments from everyone, and I am going to find a new pediatrician to go to.

Deb said...

I hate moving. I hope this is the last time you have to do it! Just imagine though, when you're done, or "done enough" as it usually turns out, how great it will feel to be in YOUR house.