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Saturday, July 19, 2008

What a Mom Won't Do

Little Sprout loves dipping sauces for her food. I don't think she really cares about the flavor combinations, I think she just likes to dip.

Yesterday, at the Traditional Friday Lunch with Bro and Dad, she tried a new one that didn't go over so well. I had ordered fajitas, and of course they came with all the fixin's. There was (were?) sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa all prettily arranged on a plate waiting to be added to my fajitas. Good stuff.

Little Sprout, in a fit of adventure~seeking, decided to dip her french fry in the salsa. I warned her she wouldn't like it, but (being less that 2 yrs old) she didn't listen to me. The first dip went just fine. She licked all the salsa off her fry and went for some more. (Yeah, little ones like to double dip. It's gross, but moms just kind of deal until they are old enough to know better.) And then she went for a little more. And then....

The heat hit.

It was so funny, I could see it in her face as the slow burn of the hot peppers got stronger and stronger. She had this comical look of betrayal on her face. She started to cry, and stuff both hands in her mouth to wipe the hot stuff off her tongue.

I tried giving her some milk, but she was having none of it. As her cries increased in volume and began to take on a panicky note, I had a brainstorm.

I scooped a finger full of the sour cream up and swiped it over her tongue before she could pull away. Of course, she tried to spit it out again right away, and managed to smear it all over her face, but enough stayed on her tongue to cool the salsa burn.

That was funny, too. To watch her go from writhing and screaming to angry and disgusted and then finally into wonder as the pain went away.

Of course, she was pretty much done eating at that point. She wanted nothing to do with food that could bite back.

Yay for another Mommy Rescue.


Kati said...

*grin* Tay has always loved salsa and things spicy, so it always rather makes me chuckle seeing the way she eats it as compared to how MOST (normal!) kids eat it (or actually, refuse to eat it). I think Tay's love of things spicy comes from the fact that when I was prego with her, the only thing that NEVER came back up was Nacho's BellGrandes from Taco Bell. *grin* She suprises the hell out of people by popping down jalapeno slices on a regular basis, and loving a good horseradish on prime beef or such.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Am I allowed to giggle at that? Poor girl! LL is the same way...he'll dip anything in to anything. He likes salsa, but it can't be too hot. I just totally saw that whole scene play out in my head. Good job, mom!!! Great rescue.