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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Do You All Do It?!

For those of you who haven't been listening, we are TRYING to buy a house.

OMG, is it a lot of work and worry! How do folks handle all this stress?! I mean, I figure that my depression and anxiety issues factor in to how stressed I am, but I am guessing that this can't be easy even for normal folks.

Today I got a package from the mortgage folks with a list of things we need to provide about a mile long. Some of them are things that I have already located for Mr. Barefoot, and I have NO IDEA where he put them when he was done with them (cuz that's the kind of "filer" he is). I mean, really. Then the ins co decided that they don't wanna insure the property because the condition of the garage roof. Ummm, hellooooo people! We are gonna fix that, but not before we actually buy the house. Duh... We are getting insurance, but maybe not through the same company as we have had our car insurance through for forever.

Oh, My, Golly, Gee, Whiz.

And they wanna know everything about your life. Is there no privacy? I mean, I am lucky if I can remember my age and birthday on any given day. How am I supposed to know all this other stuff they are so determined to know?

My mantra has become "breathe in.......and out. Good thoughts in...........bad thoughts out." This can't be over soon enough for me.



Deb said...

I know how you feel. I get incredibly stressed over anything that has to do with credit checks and financial information. Hang in there, hopefully you'll only have to do this once!

We're debating even getting homeowner's insurance since we don't have a mortgage. They'll probably tell me my pond is a hazard, I can't heat with wood, and forget about a composting toilet. But they won't even insure you before you get that garage roof done, and you need insurance to close on the house, so you can fix it? That's just BS.

Lisa said...

I like the part where they ask for all the addresses you've lived at for like forever ago! H*ll, when I move, I'm done! I can't remember that stuff! I have much more important things to remember, like where I hid the chocolate chips!

Lynne said...

The lifetime of addresses kills me too. And the addresses of all of you previous employers, and the names of the employers' second cousins, and don't forget your blood type!

this too shall pass...

K.C. said...

It seems like it should be so much easier going through this process..

It seems like it should be so much easier going through most processess... Why does it have to be like this, huh?

Just popping in and feeling your frustrations on this...

Hope it gets better and knowing that it will... Kayce

Em said...

Oh, the trials of buying a house are never ending. But it will be worth it. Like you, we could never remember stuff....could never find certain documents...etc. And it still turned out just fine. So just keep doing that breathing.

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Forms... questions...paperwork... personal details of self, spouse, parents etc, it seems to go on for ever and ever when you own a property.

I had a letter the other day that asked me my address... Hi government dep't, if you sent me a letter don't you know my address?

Erica said...

I hope your hunt is over quickly! The parade of questions gets annoying and down right violating.

We are in the process of selling our house and it's just as bad, haha!