And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thank Goodness Kids Bounce


Today I took the Sprouts over to my folks' place. Well, actually my Dad came to take them for a walk and came back without Sprouts, saying that they were having too much fun playing at his house to come home.


Anyway....Mom and I got to talking about the old house across the street from theirs. We were talking about how we both wanted to see it, and how I love old houses, and basically the whole thing was eating me up. So we decided to wander over and see what we could see from the outside.

I know, we have no shame.

While we were gone, I heard Little Sprout screaming, but figured that she had been told "no" about something and so ignored it.

I was wrong.

Little Sprout has discovered the joys of climbing on things. Things that aren't too stable. And we have always saved her when things got a little tippy. I don't know all the details, but somehow she managed (in the only unsupervised millisecond she had while Mom and I were across the street--I did leave my Dad in charge) to climb on a chair, tip it over, and the deck.....on her face.....onto a peice of wood.

Now before you all go gasping in horror and causing an oxygen shortage in your neck of the woods, the deck is not high...maybe 2 feet. It is more a slightly raised patio. And she is fine. Really. She just has a major shiner and a skun up area on her forehead.

Yeah, so Mr. Barefoot is going to come home to a child that looks like she has been in a fight with Mike Tyson or some darn thing and my Dad feels terrible about not being able to catch my little monkey child before she got hurt. From what I hear he really tried, and just missed her.

She really is fine, though. After a check to make sure that both pupils were equal and responsive, I cleaned her up and gave her some Tylenol. I figured she had to have had one heck of a headache. She napped for a little bit, and then was back to her old self. Every once in a while she will reach up and gingerly touch the area that is all swollen and bruised, but then she just goes back to playing like nothing is wrong.

I really gotta say it again.....Thank Goodness Kids Bounce!


Kati said...

*gasp* Oh, your poor little girl!!!! I'm sorry she got hurt, and I'm guessing your dad probably feels awful as well, which I'm also sorry about knowing how impossible it is to keep our kids 100% safe 100% of the time. (Nor should we REALLY try, as then a child doesn't learn to get up, brush off, and get right back to living.)

RuthieJ said...

Ouch! Poor Little Sprout. I bet that little incident won't keep her from still being a monkey though, will it?

barefoot gardener said...

Little Sprout has already forgotten all about it, but my Dad sure hasn't. I keep telling him (like you said) that accidents happen and that she is none the worse for her adventure, but I think it will take him some time to get over his fright.

Actually, she seems to have learned at least part of the lesson. She still climbs, but she isn't quite as reckless. When things get a little tippy, she sits down!

Mysti said...

Poor kiddo! How is she today?

Gonna have to start calling her Rocky! Bigs hugs...