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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I had this big, wonderful post all ready in my mind about how great my Mom is. I was going to post it on Sunday, cuz it was Mother's Day and all.

But then I didn't get online Sunday.....or Monday, either.....and now I feel like a bit of a heel writing about something so important THREE DAYS LATE.

So here is the condensed version:

My Mom is awesome. Not only has she been a wonderful mother, but she has become a fabulous friend, as well. I didn't know how lucky I had it until I had my own kids and realised all the trouble and worry that goes with having a bunch of lovable rug-rats running around, invading your privacy, getting into things, and basically causing all sorts of trouble. My Mom put up with flour spilled on the (carpeted, of all things) kitchen floor, my repeated attempts to set my head on fire (did you know that the best way to tell if your grilled cheese is done is by the sound of the sizzle?), and one messy attempt at eating the Easter Egg coloring tablets. There was also the time my brother tried to cut his nose off with the metal flag on the fire hydrant down the street, several times that we stepped on nails, and one time that I dropped a huge block of quartz on my toe (I think I broke it, and definitely needed stitches. Aren't you glad you aren't our Mom?). She managed to survive these and many other crazy things that my Bro and I did with her sanity intact.

For that alone she needs a medal.

But the best thing is that she managed to make sure we always had what we needed (and a lot of things we wanted), always knew we were loved, and always knew that we were important in our family. She managed to teach us responsibility when many of her peers were raising self indulgent brats. She taught us the importance of family, forgiveness, and fortitude.

Like I said, my Mom is the best.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Thanks my dear. Brought tears to my eyes.