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Thursday, May 29, 2008

See? I AM a Good Mom

When I took Little Sprout in for her 18 month shots, the nurse was very upset with me that I hadn't been letting her play with crayons. Evidently I am supposed to be having her draw every day and observing the progress (or lack of it) in developing fine motor skills.

This is the same nurse who tried to tell me that there is no excuse for Little Sprout not using words yet.

I tried to explain that Little Sprout plays with Sidewalk chalk when outside and that she tries to eat everything. I mentioned that we spent most of our time taking writing materials away from her because she likes to poke them in her (and every one else's) eyes. Big Nurse Lady just continued to cluck about what a terrible parent I am.

So, I bought Little Sprout some Jumbo Crayons and have spent several hours trying to convince her that they don't taste as good as they look. She does scribble a little bit, but that soon looses all appeal to her and she moves on to writing on her face. Or the floor. Or cushions. Then she walks on them, grinding them into the carpet.

But I got her the dang crayons, and I am sure that her fine motor skills are improving. Maybe if I teach her to scrub up her mess, they will improve even more, ya think?


Lynne said...

LOL!! Little Sprout will be ready for crayons when she's ready for crayons. That nurse sounds too rigid. Your picture reminded me of how perfect a new box of crayons was... I loved the smell of them too.

Wendy said...

I have five children - two of whom are functioning adults. So, I must have done something okay - not saying I'm a great mom or anything - just saying.

My advice is to smile and nod a lot. YOU know your children better than ANYONE, and those developmental milestones are really just guidelines. Everyone sets his/her own pace, and if your Little Sprout is not ready for crayons, YOU would know this better than the nurse.

Maybe the nurse would come over and clean the crayon out of your carpet, as it was through her insistence that Little Sprout had them in the first place ;).

Em said...

This nurse seems to be pretty anal when it comes to what kids are "supposed" to do, huh?

Gina said...

I think her sister, the other ped. nurse is here. I refuse to see one at my sons' ped office due to some of those types of comments. She told us that by feeding my son whole milk, I was making him obese (he is taller and underweight for his age). And, then, when I refused flu shots she told the other nurse in this nasty voice, "They need them, but she wants to let other kids get sick". I was ticked off to say the least.

I agree with Wendy.

Kati said...

*snort* It always seems that these folks think they know better than we what is best for our kids. Maybe that's true with some of today's parents, but even those of us who ARE responsible parents get lumped in with the ignorant, irresponsible types.

I'd say keep the coloring experiences to about 5 minutes at a time, and call it good. *smile* For future reference though, that Crayola Color Magic stuff really DOES work the way it's supposed to. I was thrilled when somebody gave Tay a pkg of those markers and paper when she was about 3.

Or, maybe some bath crayons.... At least if she writes on the bathtub walls with those, they can be washed off. *shrug* Just a couple of ideas to toss out there.

Eh, don't let the nasty nurse get to ya too much.

barefoot gardener said...

*big grin*

Thanks, all, for the support with a neurotic nurse. My bro works in the same office with her, and she is known for trying to find something wrong with each parent/child that comes in.

The funny thing is that Little Sprout has just started being interested in "writing" the last couple of weeks (which is why it took me two months to get them, I was waiting for her to be ready) and she seems to be diving into it headfirst. Literally. As I write this, she is sporting a clown nose of crayon red.....Now I just have to convince her to write on the PAPER!