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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keepin' On

Today is a rough one. I think I have said before that I hate Wednesdays, and I feel strongly enough to say it again. Wednesdays are just to friggin' busy for me to enjoy them. Add to that a night of very little sleep (Little Sprout was fussy and my insomnia kicked in) and you have a recipe for a very cranky Barefoot.

I got a call from Dad that my plants were wilting in the garden, and I had better go over there and water. We still use horribly inefficient sprinklers to water the garden, and I was shocked to find that the setup I normally use does not cover the whole garden. I had forgotten that when we built the raised beds, we increased the size of the garden by about 4 feet on two sides. Crap.

Now I have to figure out what I wanna do. The smart thing would be to just fork over the cash for a drip system or tons of soaker hose. I mean really, with over 300 sq ft of garden space and two foot wide paths around each bed, it doesn't make sense to keep using the sprinkler. Still, it would be a lot cheaper to buy an adapter for the spigot and another run of hose. That way I could run two sprinklers at the same time.

I hate making decisions.

I am also figuring that by this time next year (please, whatever god is in charge of home purchases, PLEASE) we will be in our own home and I will be setting up my own gardens. I am still not sure how much of the veggie patch Dad is going to keep going, so I don't really want to put out the cash to set up soaker hoses or drip irrigation when I will most likely be doing it again in a year.

In other news, I am having the hardest darn time finding me some broccoli seedlings. You would think that the local nurseries would have them out already, but instead there is row upon row of tomato starts and not a single broccoli plant to be found. C'mon, people! Don't you know that you can get at least one good crop of broccoli in the spring before the summer heat makes it all bitter and nasty?! I gotta get those puppies in!

I suppose this just means that I am gonna have to get off my duff next year early enough to get my own seeds started indoors. I really should have done it this year, but I got distracted by my goll-darn depression and all the stress of this stupid House Hunt.


Anyway, sorry I couldn't be more cheerfull today....hopefully next time. Hope you all have a great day!


jenny said...

Hang in there sweetie! Like you, I never got my seeds started indoors this year. I had every intention, bought the seeds, had the flats and the dirt, even have a solar light. But I just got busy-- the store, the kids, life...

I'm hoping this weekend to get my tomato plants that I had to BUY and plant them. There's so much to do still in the garden and I'm not even 50 percent there yet, aghhh! I'm not going to stress over it and today we are heading back to the farm for more strawberries before the rains are scheduled to come tonight and through the weekend. So much for wanting to get my tomatoes in, eh?

RuthieJ said...

My indoor seedling project flopped big time. I also need to re-think my plans for next year and find a sunny spot that's "cat-proof" (she especially loved the tender little tomato sprouts!)

Thomas said...

I say go with the soaker hoses. You can reuse them when you get your own space.

I always fall behind on indoor seedlings, but that is the nature of the game.

Of course my celery seeds still won't sprout and I just pulled in my first yellow squash of the season.