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Friday, April 25, 2008

Just a Thought

I hate writing posts like this one, because I always feel like I am displaying my ignorance, but I had a thought last night while I was sitting at work and hoping the hours would go faster. I figured I might as well post it here so you could all tell me why my idea is stupid.

Since we know that the US uses way too much gas and that bio fuels are not the miracle cure that some thought they would be; since we know there are starving people all over the world due to the continued reservation of certain crops and fields for bio fuel production and the rising cost of oil, why don't we ration gasoline and use the crops raised for bio fuels for hunger relief?

Here is my line of thought. Gasoline rationing is not unheard of in this country. If we were to reinstate a gas ration (I am not talking anything could be based somewhat on how far you have to travel to work, if you need to transport goods, etc), Americans would be FORCED to change their habits. There would be no more "road trips" just for fun, folks would learn to accomplish as much as possible on the fewest amount of car hours. There would also be more folks walking and biking places. Good for the environment, right?

I know that some folks will scream that we will be putting gas stations out of business, or that car manufacturers are going to have trouble, or some economic issue along those lines. But really, what is the difference if we do it (semi)voluntarily or if gas prices and shortages make it impossible for the Average Joe to drive anyway?

My Honorary Uncle, whom I love very much, likes to say "I wish the gov't would just quit saving us from ourselves". For the most part, I agree with him. However, in this instance, I figure the likelihood of Americans doing what needs to be done on their own is pretty slim. Besides, WE aren't the only ones we will be saving from ourselves. We will also be saving starving folks in Haiti and other places as well as making a huge step in saving the planet.

I am not a deep thinker, and tend to simplify things too much. I just can't seem to understand all the complicated issues involved in the world today. I suppose this humble suggestion wouldn't work for some reason or other, but wouldn't it be nice if it did?


Mysti said...

Not a stupid idea dear. Bear and I were talking along the same lines last night as we walked to the grocery store. Teenager and I have had long talks about a time past when people treasured the trip into town, letters in the mailbox, and the lack of excess that we have now.

Bear and I were talking about the food riots and rationing happening. The fact that 85% (if I remember the estimation right) of the fields in the US are used to grow things used for OTHER THAN food is truly disturbing beyond all belief.

We haven't used our car or motorcycle all week (with the exception of coven class on Tuesday). We feel good about it. Bear even rode his bike to work at 4am this morning with his headlamp on.

I agree that American's would be forced to change their habits, but they will kick, scream, and punch the whole way.. making life more difficult. People here don't like change. Religions teach that the earth and everything on it is for us to use up as we see fit. So long as people keep that kind of mindset, nothing will change. Only WE can CHANGE. And that's where it starts. :)


AleciaMarie said...

I completely agree and I have said it before- rationing would be a positive thing for this country! We NEED to be saved from ourselves! People would freak out for a bit but humans are very adaptable and would very quickly get used to it.

However, I'm sure that people will go on doing what they're doing with no regard to the impending situation, until it bites us in the butt and we are having to adapt quickly and drastically to new conditions...I guess the best we can do individually is to ration ourselves now, so that when it finally does come down to rations, we are already adapted. :)

e4 said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. The only thing missing is the political willpower to do it.