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Friday, April 25, 2008

How Much Longer?

That was what Big Sprout kept asking me today.

She had received a gift card to a used book store for her birthday (back in Feb), and was very anxious to use it. This bookstore is 40 minutes away, and not exactly within my guidelines for driving less, but I am so proud of her desire and passion for reading that I chose to make an exception for today.

The whole way there, she kept asking how much further it was. It was comical to see her leaning forward, looking out the windshield, hoping to catch a glimpse of her beloved bookstore.

She scored big! For $13.50 she got 12 Goosebump books, a "spy journal" and two Magic Treehouse books. She was about ready to bounce right out of her skin, she was so happy.

I finally got the Sprouts loaded up in the van again and began the drive home, only to hear from the backseat "How long will it take to get home?".

When I told her, she asked if I could drive slow so she had more time to read in the car!!!!!!

She read about 10 chapters on the way home, and after each one she would look up and ask me how much more time she had to read. I am so proud of her.

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Lisa said...

These are the moments you cherish forever!

And then you use them to embarrass your children as they grow up!!