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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Great Debate

As I have previously mentioned, I am jumping on the "Your Money or Your Life" bandwagon and starting to follow Joe and Vicki's 9 step plan to financial independence.

I have decided that it would be much more effective if Mr. Barefoot were to join me in this new endeavor, but getting him on board is a little problematic. He is perfectly willing (or so he says) to follow the program with me, but he hates to read. I think it would be so much better if he were to read the book so that he could understand the principals behind the steps, rather than just do it because I say so.

Anyway...I have thought about reading it to him, or at least the highlights. I just don't think that would be so wonderful. We have so little time together, and I am not a teacher by calling. It is difficult for me to express myself that way.

There is a CD and workbook package available, and I could get it through Amazon for around $25. The debate comes in with me trying to figure out if it is worth me spending the $$ to get it.



Wendy said...

When I'm reading a book or an article that I think my husband should read, but that I know he won't, what I do is to just bring up the subject when we're talking. Like I'll be cooking dinner and he'll be sitting at his computer, and I'll start talking about it. Or, he'll be doing the dishes, and I'll be sitting on the stool in the kitchen, and I'll bring up something the piqued my interest. Sometimes, he'll be sitting at his computer and I'll be at the dining room table reading the book I know he should read, and I'll start reading portions out loud (or I'll make a comment, pique his interest just enough so that he's listening, and then have to tell him all about it ;). With articles, I'll leave the magazine open or print off the pages from the Internet and leave them in the bathroom on the shelf in front of the toilet.

It's all very passive-aggressive, but more and more, he's starting to agree with me on many of the topics to which he was incredibly resistant two years ago. Of course it doesn't hurt that the economy is going into the toilet, AND that due to some of the wacky ideas I've tried to incorporate, we're actually starting to see some huge benefits, financially.

So, be patient, be not-so-subtle without being pushy, lead by example, and if the changes really are positive for your family, he'll see that and join you.

Jacki said...

Have you checked at the library? Or ebay?

RuthieJ said...

Jacki beat me to it.....I was going to suggest the library too. If your local one doesn't have it, maybe they can locate it from another regional library.