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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Consider This a Comment

I was going to just reply to the wonderfully supportive comments on my last post about the house hunt, but by the time I was about half-way done I figured it was too here it is.

Thank you all for the supportive comments. I got a little freaked out because things were going so quickly, and forgot that the actual buying process would most likely be a lot slower. I think it is a pretty understandable mistake, since my only knowledge of the home buying process comes from TV. Those folks tour all the houses, set up their financing, and go through the whole process in under 30 minutes!

Silly me.

After many deep breaths (and a long talk with the Mr.) I have decided to just calm down. We don't HAVE to move the minute our lease is up, and there will be many more houses coming on the market in the coming months. After this Friday, we will have seen all the houses available right now that meet our requirements. Then we can decide which we want. If we end up losing what we like by waiting too long, we will just have to wait until something else comes along that we like. Our financial situation will only improve the more money we are able to save for a down, and house prices are predicted to continue dropping for some time yet.

I am not really big on leaving things to Fate, as I believe you have to work hard for what you want and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to help Fate along, but I am going to put my faith in it for now. We will find the house that is right for us (for right now) when the time is right. My area is one that saw massive amounts of growth in the last 10 years, and a lot of those homes were financed with sub prime loans. There were also more homes built than there were buyers, so it isn't as if we will be unable to find something if neither of the two we are looking at now work out.

We might even find that elusive "dream home".


Gina said...

Yes, more "hang in there". It is amazing how easy it is to buy a house in hindsight. Meanwhile, it feels BIG and stressful and neverending and final all at the same time.

Buyers remorse comes and goes and I imagine it happens with any house you end up buying (it's happened to me three times and it has never gotten any better).

And being vulnerable to depression (and this is from my personal experience), moods will swing back and forth during the process much more frequently than when you are not buying a house.

Ok, long two cents!!!!!

Oh, and never regret a home inspection! Don't forget, if you end up liking the house and put in an offer, make the timing part of the offer. In this market, it will definitely be considered!

Lisa said...

Been gone and unable to comment, but I agree, just breathe in and then breathe out! It really will work for the best in the end! This is a big step you are taking and you are understandably going to swing around and around with your emotions!!

You'll do fine!