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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yeah, I am not a good Mom

Believe it or not, this is Little Sprout's favorite toy. Believe it or not, it really is a cat toy. The kind with the ball in the middle.

I discovered her love of cat toys when my Mom got herself a cat that is too cool for his toys. Little Sprout immediately stole the toys.

I DID have an issue with Sprout playing with the cat's toy, so I went to the dollar store and got her "jingle balls" of her very own. They are surprisingly perfect for toddlers. Small enough to hold easily, they make noise (without being overly obnoxious), and they are too big to be swallowed.

Still, folks generally give me odd looks when they see my kid playing with something that is very obviously a cat toy.


Kati said...

I noticed the same thing when DD was a toddler. At that point my parents still had 2 cats, and there were lingering plastic kitty-toys around the house that neither of the cats played with. But, DD found them appealing for the same reasons you'd mentioned: the size, the colors, the noise. And I liked the fact that they couldn't be stuffed in her mouth.

What irked me was when my mom took her shopping one day, and DD fell in love with a doggy-toy-groundhog. And my mom bought it for her. The sound it made when squished couldn't be called a squeek. More of "fart". *sigh* DD loved that thing.

jenny said...

Lol!! brings back memories which I will probably soon be re-living... All three of my little ones played with the cat toys we have around the house and just to make things fair, one of our cats claimed several beanie babies for her own!! Lucy the cat was always tossing up one of them in the air, catching it and throwing it up again until she fell asleep with it under her paw. Too cute!

DirkStar said...


I added you as a link?

Man, it must have been the tunes...

Truly, great blog.