And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What If...

I have been thinking about time. I spend a lot of time here at my blog (and checking out all of yours), and a lot of time randomly searching the 'net for whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

I do this, in large part, because I am so stinkin' tired all the time. I can be on the 'puter (which is interesting enough to keep me awake) and keep an eye on Little Sprout at the same time without using too much energy. Me being addicted to the net also frees up the tv for Little Sprout to watch Clifford and Curious George for hours on end (did I mention I am a bad Mommy?).

But I have been wondering:
What if I actually used my time for productive things?

I have a ton of filing that needs to be done, thanks to Mr. Barefoot bringing home the Ugliest File Cabinet in All the World. I could do that while watching the Little One. I could do dishes, clean the main parts of the apt, do laundry, all sorts of things. And then I would probably sleep better, since my brain wouldn't have a "To-Do" list 5 miles long to go through every day.

I could even count my crafts as productive, because I am MAKING something.

Not that I would ever give up my beloved 'net. That would be more horrible than even my over-active imagination could contemplate.

But What If???


Mysti said...

I am at the same point and thought about it before checking your blog this morning. I am tired of not making the most of my time every single day by sitting at this blasted machine. While I just returned to blogging, I am ready to delete it and move on. I am craving some radical change. Bear and I are still having a difficult time and I need to use my time for better things. At least at the moment. :(

Lisa said...

You have been tagged for the "7 weird things about me" meme. Check my blog and play along!

Mysti~ Don't leave yet! I am enjoying reading your blog and am so happy you and Bear are getting along better!

barefoot gardener said...

K, now, Mysti. Let's not talk crazy. I can understand spending LESS time on the 'puter, but what would I do without you? I would miss you too much. Let's just promis to be more productive when we are NOT on the puter, k? Don't leave Me!!!!

I'll get right on that.

Em said...

I've certainly asked that question! But I didn't like the answer. Be productive? Nah...give me my internet!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I thought about doing that too. I never could. I keep in touch with way too many people this way.

Thomas said...

I go hiking for one week every year.
I love hiking
More than that without the net and I might go crazy