And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finished Projects?

I am not so good at finishing projects, as I think I have mentioned. That makes these that much more special, because they are DONE.

This is a "Charlie Brown" inspired outfit I made for my "grandson". Mr. Barefoot is always calling him Charlie Brown, in spite of my step-daughter's resistance, and all Mr. Barefoot wanted to get for him was an outfit like this. However, they just don't sell such things. So, cheap outfit from Target + fabric paint and voila! Masterpiece.

These next three are snoods I crocheted just lately. Yes, they look like hair nets, but they are way cooler. Because I said so. No, I am not a geek.

Anyway, I really like them. They keep my hair protected and out of the way without having to put in binders or pins, both of which can damage hair.


Kati said...

Very nice!!! But NOW you need to make yourself a pretty snood with faux-pearl beads in every space. I mean, can't have a renaesance (sp?, that just doesn't look right) diva like yourself going about in a plain ol' snood! Gotta have some GLITZ on that head, girl!!!!

How do you get yours to stay??? I've got a couple, but they always slip right off my head. Do you use clips or bobby-pins???

barefoot gardener said...

I have thought of the bead thing...we'll see how ambitious I feel over the next little while, and maybe I might be posting pics of that very thing!

The largest snood (the light colored one) seems to stay on great. It is a slightly heavier yarn (ummm, I think I used Peaches 'n Cream), it is a less smooth yarn, and it is bigger so the weight of my hair doesn't pull it back and off.

All of them have elastic in them, which seems to help, but the smallest (the brown one) doesn't seem to want to stay on at all. I am thinking of bobby pins, but haven't tried it yet. I will be sure to let you know what seems to work the best!

RuthieJ said...

Very cool BG--makes me want to have long hair again. Congratulations on finishing 3 projects!

Deb said...

I love the Charlie Brown outfit--very cool!

Bitterbetty said...

I am totally pro snood.

barefoot gardener said...

I gotta admit I am way more proud than I should be. But really, I FINISHED something!

Grand-sprout looks soooo cute in it, too. He has this huge, round head and it really does make him look like CB

Heck, yeah!