And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Friday, December 07, 2007

Well, It Was A Good Try....

You know, when I started this blog, I had a totally different image of what it would be. I had been lurking on a few different blogs, and they were all so well written, so witty, so informative. They were serious works of art. They were full of new ideas and innovative ways of presenting them. They were inspirational.

So I started out with this great plan. I was going to have a blog that was philosophical and deep. It was going to move people. It was going to make people think, change their lives, etc. I was going to impress others the way I had been impressed.

Then my personality got in the way.

See, I write the way I talk, and I talk the way I think. Not that I don't have deep, philosophical thoughts, but I just can't maintain that intellectual level for very long. I am too busy and too distracted.

I am not even doing anything really spectacular with my life. I am pretty average (shhh...don't tell my ego). I am not building my own eco-friendly home mortgage free. I am not running a farm that is on it's way to completely self-sustainable. I am not the type to take daily walks with camera in hand and take lovely pics of all the wild animals that I am quiet and stealthy enough to get close to. I do not have any fabulous skills that I can chronicle here. I am just your average jill going about my life every day. I work, I take care of house and kids, I garden.

Besides, I am not really the type of person that inspires others. Which is okay. I am content to go about my life doing what I do and what I think is right, letting the rest of the world do the same. Of course, if everyone in the world did what I wanted them to then this world would be a better place...but that is a topic for another time.

I am not really disappointed in this blog, or upset that it isn't what I had hoped. I am just noticing that sometimes life sneaks in and changes things on you when you aren't looking. After all, I have met some really great people through this blog. None of them seem to be bothered with the fact that I am not inspiring, so why should I.

10 comments: said...

To me blogging is more about community than it is about inspiration. Even though I rarely communicate with other bloggers besides reading & commenting, it's a comfort to know that those "average" people are out there and sharing in the same ideals... Keep up the good work and in the end just be yourself that's what most folks like to read anyway.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

Oh, BG, you move me! Like when I fall off my chair laughing at something you wrote. Or went I have to step quickly when I spit coffee (out my nose!) reading your blog!

My girls are in college now, but I can so relate to the child rearing things your post about. Some experiences are universal. People reading blogs are looking for inspiration, yes, but I suspect they are looking to find that they aren't alone in this journey called life.

I like your blog. And I will continue reading it for as long as you write it. So there!

Deb said...

Believe it or not, my blog is not nearly what I envisioned it to be. I mean, look at my description: "Notes on nature, phenology, environmental philosophy, birds, music, and The Good Life..." blah blah blah. So why is so much of it my personal ranting, usually written after two or three vodka tonics? ;) But I refuse to give up. So many bloggers I've seen come and go, strike while the iron is hot but give up when the creative juices ebb. I feel a certain loyalty to the community I know through blogging, and I intend to keep up and produce something people maybe want to read.

I check your blog as often as anyone's on my blogroll. I love your honesty, your humor, your YOU. I'll keep reading, as long as you keep writing! :)

Kati said...

Ya know, that's the thing. I LIKE reading blogs like _Posie Gets Cosy_ and _Soule Mama_ and _Dishpan Alley_, but none of them ever come & comment on my blog & talk to me.

Your blog may not be super fancy, or have loads of great pictures, but it's like having a friend who stops by to chat. She may not be Martha Stewart (whom I personally can't stand), or an opera singer, or a world-famous novelist, but she's still a friend with great ideas & similar challenges. Somebody who's home I look at and think "I'd be comfortable there, and wouldn't feel like I mustn't touch." THAT is what your blog is like to me!

It's not a bad thing to have a niche, but it can be a limiting thing. And I think it's so much better to have blogger friends who'll stop by for a chat and who's blogs I love leaving comments on as well. The three blogs I mentioned above, while beautiful to look at, and I'm sure the "owners" are beautiful women, don't ever stop by for a bit of a chat at my place. So I don't leave comments on their blogs very often either. I go by to look, but it's like driving by a fancily decorated house for the lights, but not going inside. With yours, I "come inside".

barefoot gardener said...

I know what you mean about the community thing. It is so fun to "meet" new people, see what they are doing, and sometimes steal a few ideas if what they are doing looks cool.

Ummm, did you really read the post? Be honest! If you did, and you really do like what I have to say, would it horrify you to hear that I have tried orchids and I kill them? Not on purpose, of course, but keeping inside plants alive is not my forte.

Glad I bring a little laughter to your day! Be careful with that coffee, though. I would hate for you to burn your sniffer!
Don't worry, I've got lots to say! This blog won't be shutting down any time soon, for sure!

It's nice to know I am not the only one who has had their blog change without their permission. I really like your blog just the way it is, so I guess I am glad that it is what it is. And don't worry, I will probably be still writing this blog when I am old and grey. You will never be short of reading material! Hehe

That very possibly could be the nicest compliment I have ever recieved! Feel free to come on over and put your feet up any time. Just watch out for all the baby toys and stuff laying around.

RuthieJ said...

Aw BG, I LOVE your Blog! I'm glad it's not always philosophical and deep and that it's become a written extension of your personality. You give me plenty to think about, but you make me laugh (alot!) too. Your gardens inspire me and the patience and love you have for your family is wonderful to read about (especially when I read your stories of Pip).
So, please just keep doing what you're doing, OK?

barefoot gardener said...

You are so sweet! You are entirely too good for my ego, but I love it.
Like I said before...have no fear that I will be quitting any time soon. I have enough material to keep me going for years yet!

Gina said...

Also a huge fan. I think Kati pretty much summed it up (I frequent those blogs as well and feel fairly faceless, while blogs like yours and Kati's are like reading a letter from a friend. You *want* to hear the everyday things). And your wit, ahhh, don't get me started (it's great!)

I often feel this way too. I have the homestead, but I am not very good at what I do (HUGE learning curve I can't seem to budge), but I write because it would eat me up not to write and I feel like I am "talking" to friends.

barefoot gardener said...

Well, thank you, Gina! I really like your blog, too, and visit it all the time. I am so glad that we can peek into each other's lives!