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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Learning to use the Phone

The Rules: Do NOT, under any circumstances, notice the mess surrounding Little Sprout. She made the mess, and until she learns to clean it up, it will stay that way.

"Little Sprout, who are you calling?"

"Da-daiyyy, da-dadda-da! Da-daiyyy!"

"You are calling Daddy? How sweet!"


"Da-dadda, sha-she-shi, daaaIIIIIeeeee. Bubbub-bppppft. Dadda-da!"


Kati said...

LOL TOO cute!!!! And definitely on the fast-track to wanting her own cell-phone!!! ;) Good luck keeping her OFF the phone, now. It's funny, too, because she'll start wanting to talk to EVERYBODY that you're on the phone to, but she'll never say a word, just listen while the other person talks. At least, that's what she'll be like for a while if she's anything like DD, my niece, and both of my nephews. *wink*

barefoot gardener said...

You nailed that one on the first try! She always wants to be on the phone, but she won't say anything! After a minute or so she decides she needs to push the buttons, but that is about it.