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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pop Cans and Cigarette Packs

Pip was over yesterday for a little bit. She sat, looking at my tree, listening to Big Sprout excitedly chatter about all the decorations and how I let her decorate her own tree in her room. They were both ignoring me (which is great), and I am not even sure they knew I was around. I overheard Pip tell Big Sprout that her decorations this year would be pop cans and cigarette packs, because they don't have any holiday decorations. She said her mom was hoping to get some this Friday after getting paid.

I could have cried.


Lisa said...

There are no words!

Kati said...

Awwww!!!! I say it's about time to collect some juice-can-tops, some beads, some ribbon, some construction paper, and have Big Sprout & Pip go to town making some ornaments for Pip's house. The juice-can-tops & beads & ribbon can be made into ornaments (glue the beads to the juice-can-tops, then a bit of ribbon as a hanger on the back), the construction paper, of course, for paper chains. Oh, and don't forget paper snow-flakes & a roll of tape to tape them to the windows with. Also yarn & a crochet hook, if you know how to crochet even a little bit some yarn mini-wreaths to hang are easily made. Um, pipe-cleaners & those triangular plastic beads for little candy-canes.... Gosh, that's it for simple child-friendly ideas for now. Oh, but don't forget a shoe-box for her to store her hand-made ornaments in for next year.

Poor girl REALLY sounds like she needs your family to bring some child-like fun into her life.

barefoot gardener said...

I couldn't agree more.

You are awesome! I had been trying to think of how I could pretty up Pip's holidays without coming off as a jerk. Your comment reminded me that every year I have an "ornament making day" with Big Sprout. Usually I let her invite one friend. Now I know who we will be inviting for this year! We can do bead ornaments and salt-dough ornaments.....I have lots of extra ball ornaments that they can glitter up......OOOoooh, my craft closet might get cleaned out REALLY WELL this year!

I might have to make a crafting how-to post about this one, my juices are flowing wildly now.

Thank You!