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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh, Baby

Why is it that babies sometimes decide to start waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason?

I am assuming that Little Sprout is going through a growth spurt, because for the last few days she has woken up around 3am and wanted to eat. Once she was fed, she was willing to go back to sleep, but it takes a while to figure that out when your kid has been sleeping through the night for months!

Big Sprout is growing up, and I don't always like it. Now she is on a "privacy" kick, and with my experiences with the step-teens, that makes me very nervous. So far the only things I have caught her at were lying about brushing her teeth and having candy in her room. But still, now I am suspicious of everything. I am not sure if it is a stage she is going through or if her association with Pip (and therefore older kids) is affecting her. Not that I don't like Pip, I really do. It's just her folks allow her WAY more freedom than I am comfortable with Big Sprout having. And Pip has friends that are older than her, and she is older than Big Sprout. You see what I am saying? What is okay for an 11 yr old kid is not necessarily okay for my 8 yr old to be doing.

Ahh the joys of parenting...

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