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Thursday, November 01, 2007

My dream car...

I truly believe that bumper stickers are one of the most entertaining form of communication. They also save me from the trouble of coming up with appropriate responses when people are talking to me. I have long wanted to have a car covered bumper to bumper with bumper stickers. After all, we could all use some good reading material while we are driving around, right? I look at cars like this one with envy.

If things keep going the way they have been, I will get my wish. I will need the stickers to hold my car together! So I have been doing some looking around for good ones so I can start my collection. Here are some of my favorites


Kati said...

Have you checked out AzureGreen??? They've got some great ones, including several of the stickers that you've mentioned. The only sticker I want on my car is the one that says "Freedom of Religion means ALL Religions." It's honestly the only one that says what I want it to without saying so much that I piss off those I can't afford to piss of. Though, the "hatred is NOT a family value" one is great too!

Good luck finding your stickers! And hey, they're a lot cheaper than a new car! *wink*

Gina said...


I love the "Hanging with my gnomies" and the "Errors have been made..." ones!

I used to have the "Honk if you're a Farmgirl" one on the truck, but Sr objected to it ;-)

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, heck yeah! I have ordered a new catalog, since they quit sending it too me when I was too broke to buy. I, too, would love to have some of their bumper stickers that I just know I wouldn't be brave enough to actually put on my car.


That's always the problem...someone has to not like what your stickers say. Not fair!

Angelina said...

That's a great collection of bumper stickers you could have! I especially like the strip mine one.

Tyra Shortino said...

That’s an excellent idea! Putting bumper stickers on your car not only helps you communicate with other people, but it is also a good car design! I can imagine people looking at your vehicle as you passed by the street. It sure is a good conversation piece! You’ve got an interesting collection of bumper stickers, but the second to the last sticker would be my top pick!

[Tyra Shortino]

Erwin Calverley said...

A car covered with bumper stickers looks amazing! I wonder how many stickers would you need to cover an entire car. I hope you’ll be able to collect all the needed stickers for your car.

Maria Wegner said...

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional”--- Indeed! :D Well, I love this bumper to bumper sticker idea. I think it’s really hard to complete this task (haha!), but it’s really a cool way to design your car. Plus, it’s more economical than customizing it the usual way.