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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Half-way There

Yesterday, we built the boxes for my raised bed veggie garden next year. Well, Dad built them while I watched. After smacking my thumb with the hammer, I was kind of done for the day.

Funny thing happened while all this was going on. When we were setting up, Dad couldn't find his drill. He spent about an hour running from the garage to the basement and back, getting madder and madder because someone had "borrowed" it and not let him know. After a bit I got him calmed down and we started making the boxes.

We fiddled with design a bit, and how to place them, and when we had half of them finished we went out to the Traditional Friday Lunch with my brother. After lunch, I went home to wait for DH to get home so that he could watch Little Sprout (it's much easier to do serious yard work without little ones screaming for attention and eating sticks and leaves off the ground).

DH was later than I expected, and I started to get mad. When I get mad, I clean. While cleaning, I came across a drill that looked suspiciously like Dad's.

Uh Oh. I suddenly remembered that I had borrowed it to do something around the apt, and never brought it back.

When DH FINALLY came home, I headed over to the folks' place with the drill in hand. Dad was very happy to be reunited with it, but was a little frustrated because while waiting for me, he had gotten impatient and built the rest of the boxes by himself.


Oh, well. Now I have 10 boxes, each 4' by 8'. That means 320 square feet of growing space! And I am thinking about growing the vine plants along the chicken wire fence we put around the garden to keep out the bunnies. We had an acorn squash volunteer that did that this past year, and it worked great. We'll see how things go.

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Lisa said...

Congratulations on your new raised beds! You're going to love them. I have six beds, 5'x16' and am enjoying having the space to plant things I never had room for before. Like watermelon and garlic. There are a few partial views of my beds on my blog. Come visit!