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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Best Toy in All Creation...

As a child, I LOVED this toy. I remember playing with it at my father's parent's house. When Big Sprout was born, she played with it when we went to visit, as well. Then, when Little Sprout was born, my grandmother gave it to her (there are no more grandkids or great-grandkids to play with it). I am so excited to finally have my Happy Apple here with me. Even better is the fact that Little Sprout likes it, too. It was one of the first toys she could play with.

See? She even had the right idea from day one!

And she still loves it

I like that this is not a toy that is going to rot my child's brain. It may sound silly to worry about such things, but I do. I even like the little chime it makes when she shakes it. It is a soothing, quiet ding-ding-dong that is so refreshing after all the electronic beeping and buzzing from most of her toys. It is even better than blocks, because what do kids do with blocks? They make towers and then knock them down, causing lots and lots of noise. This wonderful little apple just chimes away quietly, very much like good quality wind chimes will.

Too bad they don't make toys like this very often anymore...


Deb said...

Aww, I never had a Happy Apple. Maybe that's why I turned out the way I did. ;)

Kati said...

OMG!!! I'd forgotten about the Happy Apple!!!! I don't know if I had one, or if it actually belonged to my baby sis, but I do remember having one in my house when I was little. I also remember a little push "mower" that had beads that tumbled around & around, and I think that chimed, too. And the tupper-ware shape-sorter. (I've never found another shape-sorter as cool as the tupper-ware one.)

Too funny, the memories things like this draw up. Glad Little Sprout enjoys the Happy Apple!

Mysti said...

Made me very nostalgic! My brother actually had one. I didn't realize they still made it. That's really cool. :)

barefoot gardener said...

I am SO SORRY you have had to live your life without a Happy Apple! Maybe that could go on your gift wish list? They are great therapy! LOL

Oh, I remember the mower! My folks wouldn't let me have one, and now that I am a parent I know why! Big Sprout had a Mickey Mouse one that drove me NUTS!


I don't know if they actually still make it, but I hope they do, because I think this will become my standard baby gift from now on. Every child needs one of these! (and every parent, too!)