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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10 Things....

Inspired by Wendy...

10 Things I would do if I had $1 million.

1. Jump up and down and scream like the girl I am.

2. Get 100% out of debt.

3. Buy a house. Off Grid. Decorated. With land.

4. Build a greenhouse. A really nice one.

5. Set up college funds for the kids.

6. Share with the family.

7. Buy a car that I wouldn't have to worry would fall apart around me.

8. Visit one of the places on my "places to visit" list.

9. Go back to work at the Day Center.

10. Buy books


Kati said...

What I'd do if I won a million:
1) head straight down to the bank & pay off the damn house.
2) pay off the home equity loan while I'm at it.
3) set aside $30,000 for a garage to be built first thing in the spring.
4) put at least $20,000 in DD's savings account for schooling someday.
5) sell my car & put a nice hefty down on a new car for me, and get Dh's truck realigned.
6) take a trip to one of MY places-to-see-before-I-die.
7) bring back lots of quality souveniers to decorate the house with.

And, for once, I run out of things before I hit ten. *wink*

barefoot gardener said...

OMG! Kati, I think I have to mark this day on the calendar! *wink*

I like your list, really.