And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

10 Things

10 places I would like to visit are...

1. The Grand Canyon

2. Prince Edward Island

3. Easter Island (gotta see those giant heads!)

4. Stonehenge

5. The Fjords in Norway

6. The United Kingdom (FABULOUS history and mythology)

7. Germany (castles!)

8. Italy (food!)

9. Mexico to see the Aztec and Mayan ruins

10. The Redwood Forest (I REALLY want to see those giant trees)

Okay, folks, now it is audience participation time....Where would you like to go? Or have you been to one of these places and want to make me insanely jealous?


Jacki said...

1. San Francisco
2. Upper East Coast (Maine, New Hampshire, etc.)
3. Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia (you too?!?)
4. Back to Costa Rica
5. Austrailia
6. Alaska
7. Back to Lake Tahoe
8. Spain
9. Scotland
10. Ireland

RuthieJ said...

1. Alaska
2. Norway
3. Taos, NM
4. Ireland
5. Maine
6. Iceland
7. Yosemite National Park (was there only once for an afternoon)
8. Yellowstone National Park
9. Glacier National Park
10. Sturgis (during Motorcycle Rally week)

Kati said...

Well, I will say I was born in Germany, but we left just before my 3rd birthday, so I don't exactly remember any of it.

1) Maine (esp. Portland Head Lighthouse)
2) Paris (again)
3) Toledo Spain (again)
4) Ireland
5) London
6) Scotland
7) Germany (again)
8) India
9) Eastern Europe (too many there to list individually)
10) New Zealand
11) South America (also too many there to list individually, and couldn't NOT mention South America)

Gina said...

1. Scotland
2. Ireland
3. Spain
4. Quebec
5. Alaska
6. Smokey Mtns (been there before but love it enough to go back 100 times)
7. Maine
8. Tucson, Arizona (used to live there and miss it)
9. Central American rainforests
10. Iceland

From your list I have only been to #1 and 10. Both are beautiful!

Angelina said...

I love Scotland so much that I'm not sure I ever need to go anywhere else in the world for vacations.

Wendy said...

I've been to Germany. I met my husband there, and I'd love to be able to take our children there to show them where we lived.

Next choice would be Alaska.

Other than that, I'm happy here in Maine, and for Kati, the Portland Head Light is pretty cool. It's actually in Fort Williams state park in Cape Elizabeth, and the whole park is pretty intereting.