And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feeling Crafty

This is what I got to do today. I pulled out my beads and made some hair ornaments.I have longer than average hair, so I wear it up a lot. Wearing "hair jewelry" just makes me feel a little prettier when my whole life seems to revolve around work, housekeeping, and the kids. The pictures are a little fuzzy; I haven't yet figured out how to take good close-ups.

These are attached to bobby pins, so I can add some glitz to any hairstyle.

These are attached to "lobster clasps" like you would find on a necklace. It makes them easy to add to a pony-tail holder.

These are called "hair sticks". I use them to hold buns or french twists. I actually made these out of some chopsticks that I cut down to size and stained.

Do ya like?


Deb said...

Very nice. I'm actually at the point where I'm deciding whether to grow my hair long, or get a nape-of-neck length haircut. The shorter option is currently in the lead, although the sight of all these hair ornaments has me thinking.

barefoot gardener said...


Thank you.

Keep in mind, hair ornaments aren't just for long hair. I have seen some super short hair rocking the whole ornament look.

Kati said...

LOL I find it funny to come here and realize with just about every other post you make, how much we seem to have in common. Hair sticks & pins are how I've been managing my waist-length hair since I let it grow that long again. (It's now been about 4 years since I've had more than an inch or two trimmed off the bottom.) I look like your "typical librarian" with glasses & a bun, most days. *grin* Nice job on the new pretties for your hair!!!!

BTW, you've got an award waiting for you at my place.

barefoot gardener said...



I've got a couple of inches to go before I hit waist length, but it has only been 2 years for me...

I'll get there.

You wouldn't have any suggestions on how to braid this long hair would you? DH was supposed to learn how to help me, but hasn't, and it's a little too long to be easy to braid by myself.