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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Day, Another 3 Quarts of Beans

Seems silly, but I am getting a little sick of snapping beans. The good part of this is I have decided I much prefer snap type bush beans to pole beans with their strings. I had been toying with the idea of planting pole beans next year, since they take up less ground space and I have never grown them before. Then my seeds from the garden center were mixed in with some pole bean seeds. Just a few, but enough to show me I don't have the patience for dealing with strings.

I am grateful for how well the beans are doing, though. Like I said, three quarts every other day and the third row is just now starting to get baby beans on it. I figure I am set for beans for the year as long as nothing happens to shut them down early.

I was a little worried that the tomatoes were behind, but looking at my blog entry from about this time last year I am sitting at about the same spot. I wish the 'maters would hurry up and ripen, though. Big Sprout asks daily if they are ready yet.

I am debating a second sowing of peas. I have enough time, theoretically, but I don't know if I want to deal. It might be better to just rip them out and build the raised bed that will go where they are now. Hmmmm...

I weeded the flower beds the other day, and it was so satisfying. They had become terribly overgrown, and the soil was just wet enough to make pulling weeds easy. I was disappointed to find that my "gnome homes", which I worked so hard on, are not doing so well. With no ground cover around them, the rain splashed mud up on everything. High winds did some structural damage. And some putz pulled the porch off of one to see how it was made. Narf! I have two people interested in having me make some for them, so I will have to make some changes so they are a little more sturdy. Live and learn, yes?


Deb said...

I'm jealous! My bush beans are starting to flower, but we almost had frost again this morning...dang it!

barefoot gardener said...

Ouch! I hope this isn't a normal summer for you. It seems so strange that-what, an hours drive or a little more?- could make such a difference. I'm scared to even ask about your tomatoes or peppers!