And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


These pictures aren't the greatest, but I must say they are okay for being taken with a $10 "princess" camera from Wal-Mart. My favorite is the first one. DD was raking the leaves right off the trees, and when my dad asked why she said " the more the merrier!"

DH just started a new weight loss program. I am not impressed, as it is one of those "if you eat and exercise for your body type, this will work" plans that asks him to give up certain categories of food. I am firmly in the camp of people who believe that if you eat healthy, natural foods and exercise regularly you should be just fine. I am trying to be supportive of him, though. It is so important he lose weight. He is really big, and both diabetes and heart problems run on both sides of his family. I suppose I don't really care how he does it if he takes off a few pounds. I am not a PhD, so how would I know what will work for him?

I have been up for 24 hours....again! I just can't seem to break the habit. A big part of my sleeplessness today has to do with the fact that I have had "the crud" for the last week. You know the one I mean: Stuffy head, going through at least one box of tissue a day, feeling like your head is stuffed full of cotton, tired, yucky. Today is the first day I have felt human, and I realized that the house kind of fell apart while I was sick. Since we have company coming tomorrow I have been trying to get caught up a little.

I go in tomorrow to talk to my former boss about the possibility of me coming back to work VERY part time. I guess they are totally desperate. I got another call begging me to PLEASE consider coming back...whatever works for me works for them. I am so flattered. My ex-boss is not the type to let anyone come back. She never has, to my knowledge. I will just enjoy the ego stroke and see what happens...

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