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Monday, October 23, 2006

Coming Soon...

I am having my baby this week! The doc did some poking around last week to try and start labor naturally, but so far no dice. If I don't go by myself, I will be induced Thursday morning. It is so strange to be thinking that I will have my new baby in just a few days! Even stranger is knowing the exact day ahead of time. I took this week off work, starting maternity leave a little early. I will probably regret it when I have to go back to work a little earlier, but I have been so tired and sore that I was pretty well useless at work anyway. I shouldn't complain, since I know I am not nearly as big as other women and have had very few complications so far (just morning sickness, clumsiness, being under-nourished, and the gallbladder thing). I am lucky to be going 2 weeks early. I just wish it was today. I am impatient with this whole thing, and want it OVER! I also have to admit that I am curious to see how I will look post-pregnancy. I have lost so much weight with this pregnancy that the pants I wore before I got pregnant are too big for my 9 month pregnant body! I can't figure out what to bring to the hospital for a "going home" outfit. Obviously, once the belly is gone those pants are going to be impossible. Yet I don't know how small I will be. I suppose the only thing to do is bring a pair of sweats with a draw-string waist.

Speaking of losing weight, DH has lost nearly 20 lbs on his new diet plan. I know the weight is mostly water, but it is really motivating him to keep going with this plan. I still worry about the lack of dairy in his diet, but he seems so happy. He has already noticed that he has more energy and tires much less quickly when climbing the stairs or going for walks. It is good to see him taking his health seriously.

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