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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Long time no post

Well, it has been quite a while since I have posted. The main reason is that our internet has been out for a few days. The heat messed up some cable or box or something outside the building and so the family had to learn how to entertain themselves with no computer. It was an eye-opening experience. I felt I was living in a house of recovering drug addicts! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't come here to post or check on the blogs I usually read, and I did have a couple of times when I wanted to look up a bit of info and couldn't access my usual online resources, but for the most part I was okay with the idea of no Net. So I reinforced my belief that at least I could live without that one modern convenience. My family on the other hand, was at loose ends, and when it got fixed there was a mad rush for everyone to log in for as many hours as possible. I tell you, they are ADDICTS!

Just as an update, last week I went to my veg patch to pick beans and when I stepped over the fence a rabbit started franticly running around the INSIDE of the garden! I was so mad. We haven't had rabbits in the garden for years, and I was so proud that our cheap chicken wire fence was doing the job. Now I had to deal with trying to get this stupid rabbit out. Adding insult to injury, the bunny stopped running around the inside perimeter of my fence and began eating my peas while watching me! I took a few pictures, but blogger is giving me trouble, so maybe later. We did finally get it out and found a spot where the fence had worked free of the stakes holding it into the ground. We fixed the spot and checked the rest of the fence and have found no more mad bunnies in the garden so far.

Goodness, you will have to excuse my grammar today, it is awefull!

I also have pics of my tomatoes (beginning to blush!), green peppers, cabbages, and some apples that the stinking squirrels have eaten. Again, blogger is being a pain, so maybe some other day. I hate when squirrels eat my apples. I don't know what kind of apple tree it is, it was another "deposited" volunteer that just grew, so we moved it to an advantageous spot and let it do it's thing. The apples are crisp and tart, and the best pie apples I have ever tasted! Those stinking Squirrels eat half of an apple and then leave the rest on the ground. We have whole piles of half-eaten apples! Now, I won't let my kids do that, they have to eat the whole thing. Why would those squirrels be so wasteful? I wouldn't grudge them a few, but for crying out loud this is ridiculous. And in a perverse joke, they always take the apples closest to the ground, so the very top of the tree is covered in ripening apples that I can't reach and the bottom of the tree is bare.

NOTE TO SELF: Research if it is possible to use a hard pruning to try to bring the height down to a more managable size. Also research alternative options on how to get at those darn apples.

It has been a busy two weeks around my town. There was Rodeo weekend first, with games and parades and petting zoo. Then the next weekend was the County Fair, to which we also took the little one for games and rides and greasy nasty Fair Food. Now today we will be going to Taylor's Falls for some walking around and the scenic boat tour, a yearly tradition. The heat index is supposed to be around 105, or so I heard, and I am a little anxious about two youngsters and my two grandmas wandering around in the heat. However, just like in Fiddler on the Roof, it is Tradition. No one messes with Tradition, not even Mother Nature. So I am off to the heat and humidity, hoping to avoid heat stroke. At least there will be lots of shade, and the river usually has a breeze. Wish me luck! I will post more when time permits, and maybe you will get to see my BEAUTIFUL tomatoes!

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